BNP holds secret meeting

Leave no room for anti-state conspiracies

Published : 21 Mar 2023 08:19 PM

Media reports on Tuesday revealed that some Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) men were holding a ‘secret meeting’ at Banani club in capital Dhaka in the early hours of Monday. Acting on a tip-off, a special squad of plainclothes police with the help of Banani thana police detained a total of 54 BNP leaders and activists from the spot.

Police said they came to Dhaka from different districts of the country to join the meeting at Banani Club at 1am on Monday. They were holding a secret meeting to make an evil design to oust the government and anti-state plans as well, intelligence and police officials said. The intelligence and cops get all information wherever BNP holds secret meeting either home or abroad, they added.

It seems that senior leaders of the party have become afraid of elections as they know about their popularity. That is why they are not on the path of elections rather they take the path of secret meeting and conspiracy.

But if BNP wants to go to power, 

it should try to win the hearts of 

the people instead of hatching conspiracy

BNP leaders talk about democracy and polls but resort to duplicity and conspiracy. The dialogue that the BNP is talking about to outline a united movement against the government is not a dialogue at all but a deep conspiracy of the party. 

The party is now desperate to look for a secret alley to seize state power once again. But if BNP wants to go to power, it should try to win the hearts of the people instead of hatching conspiracy and seeking help of foreign force or agency.

If BNP tries to fish in troubled water by making the country unstable, country’s people will thwart its conspiracies. People now understand that the negative politics of BNP has gobbled up the party.

Countrymen also know who carried out bomb, grenade and bullet attacks, smuggled in 10-truck arms and misappropriated the money of the public and the orphans. So, the people of Bangladesh will never 

accept them. 

All know the BNP never thinks of the welfare of the country and its people but it is busy with conspiracies for assuming power through any means. 

Therefore, we believe countrymen will never allow the BNP-Jamaat clique to assume power again to play ducks and drakes with their fate.