BNP carrying out sneak attacks by ward level activists: Hasan

Published : 06 Nov 2023 10:19 PM

Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr. Hassan Mahmud has claimed that BNP leaders are carrying out sneak attacks by paying ward level leaders and activists.  

He made this claim in response to a question during an exchange meeting with the Bangladesh Climate Change Journalist Forum (BCJF) at the Information and Broadcasting Ministry's conference room at the secretariat on Monday.

BCJF president Kawsar Rahman, general secretary Motahar Hossain were present while the main article was presented by a member of the organization Rafiqul Islam Ratan.  

The information minister said, “We don’t want to wipe out anyone. Those who are being arrested are being arrested on specific charges. The leaders who are being arrested are being arrested as instigators, masterminds and financiers of fire terrorism. The BNP leaders, especially their acting chairperson, are calling ward level leaders to conduct such terror. We have evidence in our hand.” 

He said, “They are carrying out sneak attacks by paying ward level leaders and activists. This is not a politics, it is not a political program, not only the government, but also the people will take action against those who are doing this, those who are associated with it. I appeal to people to take action against them.”

On the issue of environment, the information minister said that the temperature on earth has increased, it will increase further this year. At the same time the sea level is rising. In the context of the situation we see, floods are happening where there used to be no floods.  

He said, I don’t think our awareness is at the level it should have been in this situation. If that was the case, then the Russia-Ukraine war would not have happened, the war would not have cost billions of dollars.  

At this time, the Information Minister called upon the journalists to publish reports on various issues related to the environment and create public awareness.