BINA organises field day in Ishwardi

Published : 26 Aug 2022 08:33 PM

The field day was organized on Thursday at 5 pm in Piarpur of the city with the aim of promoting and expanding the high-yielding and self-sustaining and drought-resistant Aman rice variety BINA Dhan-19 developed by Bangladesh Atomic Agricultural Research Institute (BINA).

The field day was organized by BINA Upakendra Ishwardi and with the cooperation of Directorate of Agricultural Extension Ishwardi Upazila. Director General of Bina Mymensingh spoke as the chief guest at the meeting organized on this occasion. Mirza Mofazzal Islam. Ishwardi Upazila Agriculture Officer Mita Sarkar gave a speech as a special guest. It was presided over and the welcome speech was given by the officer-in-charge of SO and Bina Upkendra Ishwardi. Khan Jahan Ali. Apart from this, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer of Upazila Agriculture Extension Department Sujan Kumar Roy and the farmers gave a speech. Mashiur Rahman.

Officer-in-charge of Ishwardi without sub-centre Khan Jahan Ali said about Binadhan 19, Binadhan-19 is a high-yielding, short-duration, drought-tolerant, low-fertilizer, light-sensitive and high quality seedling variety. He said that the life span of this variety is 90 to 95 days if the seeds are sown at the right time. Due to its early maturity, it can easily be cultivated with potatoes, wheat or rapeseed after harvesting. Paddy and rice are long and thin. It is also delicious to eat. The average yield per hectare is 4.5 to 5 tons during Aman season.

Director General of Mymensingh without the chief guest. Mirza Mofazzal Islam said in his speech that the contribution of the present government is the greatest for the incredible success in Bangladesh's agriculture. The government is trying to do what it can to help agriculture and farmers.