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Server hacked by ransomware

Biman using mail in alternative way

Published : 23 Mar 2023 10:45 PM

State-owned airline Biman Bangladesh Airlines’ e-mail server was hacked, disrupting Biman’s internal and external email communications. 

However, in an alternative system, the e-mail IDs related to the operational activities of the organization are maintained through Microsoft cloud services. 

Biman Bangladesh Airlines General Manager Public Relations TaheraKhandkar disclosed the information.

A press release on Thursday said that regarding the temporary shutdown of Biman’s e-mail server, several media outlets have recently been spreading misleading information about the temporary shutdown of the e-mail server of Biman Bangladesh Airlines. 

Biman’s statement in this regard is that on Saturday some computers and servers of Biman were infected with malware and immediately the suspected server was isolated on that day. E-mail service is discontinued. Alternatively, e-mail IDs associated with Biman’s operational activities are hosted through Microsoft cloud services. 

The press release further stated that Biman is a Scheduled Organization under the Critical Information Infrastructure Act, 2018, Section 15 of the Digital Security Act. Further necessary steps are being taken in the light of the technical guidelines issued by the Digital Security Agency.   

Earlier, Biman Bangladesh Managing Director and CEO Shafiul Azim informed the media that immediately after a mail server is hacked, necessary measures are taken to protect data from unauthorized access. 

However, according to sources information the ransomware that has infected Biman Bangladesh’s mail server is a completely new type. So it is still not clear from where or who attacked. Since the type of ransomware is still unknown, there are rumors that other organizations may be attacked by the ransomware.