Better healthcare needed

Take up control measures of dengue, chikunguniya and malaria now

Control measures against dengue, chikunguniya and malaria must start before the onset of the season – monsoon – when mosquitoes breed most. We must learn a lesson from the ongoing rampage of dengue in the country, because experience says that we were not at all prepared for the countrywide infection, especially in Dhaka city.

The two city corporations should take up a year-long Aedes larvae control programme along with other organizations like Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Red Crescent Society and various clubs of universities. Programs to create awareness among the citizens should also continue as long as the threat will be there. We appreciate imposition of fine on a landowner in Gulshan in whose house Aedes larvae were found recently.  

The two city corporations should 

take up a year-long Aedes larvae control 

programme involving other 


This goes without saying that healthcare is one of the basic rights of every citizen. A nation can never move ahead unless affordable healthcare is accessible to one and all. The not-so-good state of our healthcare sector is apparent from the thousands of preventable deaths that are reported in the country. The upper class can afford to travel abroad to seek treatment but for the common people a lot still remains to be done.

The government’s dedication in improving the quality of healthcare is commendable and we can see the effects in many of the indicators such as reduced maternal mortality rate, infant mortality rate, child (under-5 years) mortality rate, malnutrition, stunting rate and low- birth weight rate. The average life expectancy has increased in our country and we have achieved significant success in ensuring the health and wellbeing of infants and children.

However, there is still scope for improvement of the medical services available in our country. The government must ensure bigger budget for  research and development in the sector, especially with infectious diseases. Research will indicate what kind of diseases are changing patterns and what would require to be done to fight them.