Best ideas for the first date on a rainy day

Published : 31 Mar 2022 04:17 PM | Updated : 13 Apr 2022 05:00 PM

Sometimes first dates can get awkward since there is a dire need to impress your significant other. It can be difficult to choose what to do or where to go especially when it is raining. So what if it’s raining, you have been dying to go out with this person for a long time. A simple weather change shouldn’t kill your best-laid plans. Here are some amazing ideas to help you have a fantastic date on a rainy day.

Watch the rain:

Am sure you have watched the sunrise in the morning; beautiful right? Well, it is more breathtaking watching the rain pour down. This is a perfect idea for a first date especially if you are a little tense and short of words. Let the sound of the pouring rain relax you and work its magic as you hold hands and share deep gazes.

Meditate together:

Practice yoga or meditation with your date. The sounds of rain hitting falling hard on your window cloud help block other noise distractions. Rain also adds a feeling of relaxation. You could get help with your meditation online 24/7 via a meditating app like “Calm”.

Play a game:

Now that you are stuck indoors with your date you could use this chance to learn more about each other. A game like ‘Truth or dare’ and ‘Truth or drink’ could be ideal for the occasion. You can ask someone about their life without bringing the feeling of uneasiness. This is like killing two birds with one stone since you are learning about someone while still keeping it fun.

Take painting classes:

You don’t have to be artistry to enjoy artwork; you will be amazed how much painting skills are in you. You and your date can have fun competing to paint something. Besides playing with the paints will relax and soothe your mind washing away the feeling of awkwardness.

Visit a local aquarium:

Nature is beautiful guys, you will know this if you have taken your time studying it. If this hadn’t crossed your mind as a date idea you need to add it to your list quickly.

You could go check out the local aquarium and enjoy the beautiful scenery of aquatic life. Watching different types of fish with different colors and sizes move in water is so soothing and uplifting.

Try out cooking classes:

Learn how to cook with your date. You could try different recipes and even compete. It doesn’t matter if the kitchen is not your best place. Trust me even the failed recipes are part of the fun too, so don’t chicken out. This is the best way to get closer to your love interest and learn about their skills.

Try out indoor skating:

Whether you are good at this game or not you should try this with your partner. Watching each other fall or lose balance can be funny. Laughter has a way of washing away tension in a room. Also helping your partner up every time they fall or catching them before falling makes you comfortable with one another.

Take your partner to your favorite café:

If you know cool and romantic places this is your chance to show them off and earn a few points. This is an ideal date idea especially if you have no idea how to keep the conversation. All you have to do is choose your favorite seat and tell her about the café and other cafes too. You could also help her choose a meal from the menu; this will help increase trust between you.

Go to the movies or cinema:

There is a reason why this is the most popular first date idea for every generation. This first-day idea never disappoints regardless of the weather. Getting cozy in your seats and sharing a bag of popcorn while watching a movie is as romantic as it sounds. Also, make sure to choose movies with a romantic theme to add to the magic.

Go for a rain walk:

While this idea might sound ridiculous at first or completely out of the norm, it is very romantic. Grab an umbrella and take a stroll down the streets with your partner. Hold each other as the cold wet wind hits you, this will help you get comfortable with each other. Here is another wild idea; you could jump out and play in the rain! This will get to show your date the fun side of you. Who knows maybe your first kiss will happen right there – in the rain; I mean how romantic is that!

Go window shopping:

This is a must-try idea for a first date on a rainy day. The many strangers in the shopping center will make you feel familiar with your partner even though your first date. You can try different outfits and ask your partner to rate them; this can be a lot of fun. By the end of the date, you would have learned a lot about your partner’s style and preferences.

Have an indoor picnic:

Your plans for a picnic have been shattered by the sudden rain? Don’t give up bringing the mountain to Mohammed. Prepare a romantic dinner and set the mood right, you can start by dimming the lights and lighting candles. Flowers too are essential for your perfect indoor picnic. Finally, you can set the meal by the window and enjoy it as you watch the rain.


All these rainy-date ideas have been tried and proven effective, you no longer have to cancel or reschedule your date. With the appropriate first rainy date idea with additional romantic music, you will be able to connect with your partner. However, you have to make sure both of you are enjoying that activity. With the pressure on, try keeping it casual and save the big things for later dates to avoid messing up. Enjoy your rainy date whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

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