BERC plans to bring gas sector entries under uniform system

Published : 31 May 2021 09:52 PM

Divine IT Limited and Giga Tech Limited (JV) signed the contract with Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission to implement uniform accounting software for all companies in the sector of Gas. This contract was made on the 23rd of May 2021 at Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission Office in Dhaka.  Rubina Ferdoushy (Secretary, Admin & Law) and Iqbal Ahmed Fakhrul Hasan (Managing Director, Divine IT Limited) signed the contract for the respective organisation. Md. Abdul Jalil, Chairman of BERC and Samira Zuberi Himika, Managing Director of Gigatech Limited along with other officials were present in the ceremony,

BERC has been established through the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission Act, 2003 (the Act), as an independent and impartial Commission for the energy sector. It is independent in the exercise of its functions that are in accordance with the provisions as laid down in the Act. The objective of establishing the Commission is to create atmosphere conducive to private investment in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity; transmission/ transportation, distribution and marketing of gas and petroleum products, to ensure transparency in the management, operation and tariff determination in the energy sector, to protect consumers' interest and to promote the creation of a competitive market in the country. The functions of the Commission mandated by the Act, include, licensing, tariff determination, development of uniform system of accounts for all licensees, energy statistics collection and its management, consumers’ interest protection, frame and enforcement of codes and standards, dispute settlement etc. 

The BERC Uniform System of Accounts is a consolidating customized accounting system applicable for gas exploration, production, supply, transmission and distribution entities in Bangladesh such as Petrobangla, BAPEX, BGFCL, SGFL, RPGCL,  GTCL, TGTDCL, BGDCL, JGTDSL, KGDCL, PGCL  and SGCL.

Presently the gas sector entities are using the same form or other different accounting system and some have their own software. Considering these, the Commission has decided to engage a Consultant firm for design, development and implementation of an web-based software for Uniform System of Accounts for gas sector entities and training on that. 

The broader objective of the assignment is to provide a complete and dedicated web-based uniform accounting software for gas sector entities to accomplish the regular accounting related activities according to BERC Uniform System of Accounts. The entities will use the accounting system individually for accounting purposes. 

Transparency and accountability are the key characteristics of regulatory decision making as well as corporate governance. Tariff related regulatory decisions are made based on accounting information of the utilities. Utilities day to day recording of financial transactions, compilation, and drawing of financial statements should be correct and homogeneous. With that objective in view the Commission has decided to develop and implement a software for Uniform System of Accounts and to arrange training of the people of gas entities.

Design, develop, supply, installation, configuration, integration, implementation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of web-based integrated and customized Uniform System of Accounts Software for mentioned gas sector exploration, production, supply, transmission and distribution entities followed by BERC Uniform System of Accounts. The software will be consolidated for production, supply, transmission and distribution entities of the gas sector those include Financial Accounting Management Module, Fund Management Module, Debt/Loan Management Module, Fixed Asset Management Module, Inventory Management Module, Payroll and Related HR Management Module, Project Management Module, Budget Management Module, User Access Management Module and other related task.

All modules will be integrated together. The proposed software is an integrated and customized record keeping accounting solution. In this case, each module mentioned above must have all the necessary integration / links.

Each entity will use software and generate reports separately/independently. In this regard, User Access Management Module is to be developed to configure the multi-user roles and responsibilities on real client server architecture. 

Divine IT Limited, The creator of PrismERP, renowned ERP/GRP  systems have already established their footprint in government sector entities including Titas Gas, Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), Bangladesh Land Port Authority & over 300 private sector companies.