Benapole custom goes tough on revenue evasion

Published : 22 Oct 2020 08:31 PM

Strict measures have been taken at Benapole Custom House to prevent revenue evasion. As a result, revenue collection is also increasing.

The customs authorities realized Tk 2.65 crores in the last two months on the charge of customs revenue evasion. Extensive reforms and the enactment of new laws stopped revenue evasion. 

As a result, the revenue collection in September of the current financial year was Tk.171 crore as compared to that of September last financial year.

Import-export trade between Bangladesh and India through Benapole port is increasing day by day. The Benapole Customs Authorities have taken a strict stand against the revenue evasion.

Azizur Rahman, the new commissioner of Benapole Customs House said that he had a tough meeting with C&F agents associations and customs officials in this regard.

According to the customs sources, the importers who have no allegation of revenue evasion would be allowed to go through ‘D’ mark without any examination.

After testing the chemical products in the Chemical Lab of Benapole customs House, if the results of the test report are found positive the goods will be released quickly.

 In a meeting with traders, Commissioner Azizur Rahman said that side door rail cargo, container cargo was launched through Benapole port on the instructions of the National Board of Revenue.

At the same time, instructions were given to build a railway terminal yard. Earlier, 5/6 hundred truckful goods were imported through this port every day. At present 350 to 400 truckful goods are being imported through this port every day.

On the other side, Indian Petrapole port area, at the Kalitala parking lot, illegal toll of Tk 2,000 is being collected from each truck loaded with imported goods.

The traders complained to the customs commissioner that the traders of the two countries were suffering from the evil power of syndicate in the Bangaon area. However, the Benapole port handles trade worth TK.30, 000 crores per year with India.

The National Board of Revenue set a revenue target of TK 5, 600 crores for Benapole Customs House in the current financial year. The traders demanded to start 4 lanes of Benapole-Jashore Highway and four lanes of bypass road including ICD. 

Mofizur Rahman Sajon, president of the Benapole C&F Agents Association, said revenue collection had increased since the new commissioner Azizur Rahman joined at Benapole customs House to curb revenue evasion. But other ports like Benapole also have to be tightened. Otherwise, traders will turn away from this port.

Benapole Customs Commissioner Azizur Rahman said zero tolerance policy is being followed at Benapole port to prevent revenue evasion. Several irregularities have already taken place. They have been fined 200% of the revenue evasion.