Rohingya repatriation

BD urges Myanmar for involving int’l community

Bangladesh urged Myanmar for a comprehensive involvement of the international community to create a favourable environment for the return of the displaced Rohingya people to their homeland. Bangladesh government also urged the Myanmar government for engagement of the international community in the monitoring of repatriation and reintegration process of the Rohingyas, a press  release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said this on Sunday.

The MOFA press release further said accusing Bangladesh of non-cooperation in the repatriation effort by a party who is fully responsible for the protracted crisis is baseless, ill-motivated and totally unacceptable.  “The Government of Bangladesh ensured all necessary arrangements in Bangladesh side including security and logistics for voluntary return of Rohingyas to northern Rakhine,” the release said.

All the displaced Rohingyas now staying in Bangladesh want to go back their homeland but they are deeply concerned about their security there.

“Almost all the families interviewed expressed their deep concern over the security situation in Rakhaine. Overwhelming majority of the families underscored the lack of progress in addressing justice and rights related issues including citizenship, freedom of movement and land-use rights,” the MOFA release said.  

During the recent interactions with the high-level delegation from Myanmar led by Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 27-28 July 2019, the representatives of the displaced Myanmar Residents called for international civilian monitors’ presence in northern Rakhine to guarantee security and to monitor the repatriation and reintegration process, the press release added.

Diplomats from Chinese and Myanmar Embassies were present in Cox’s Bazar on 21-22 August to monitor the entire repatriation process, including the preparations of the government of Bangladesh. The Government of Myanmar needs to take decisive actions with demonstrable political will to reasonably address the core concerns of Rohingyas in line with the spirit and provisions of the bilateral instruments on repatriation and the recommendations of the “Advisory Commission on Rakhine State” in order to create a conducive environment for return in northern Rakhine, the MOFA press release further said.

“The Government of Myanmar must also assume its responsibility to encourage Rohingyas to opt for voluntary return by sharing authentic information with them in all possible ways. Unsubstantiated claims on the part of the Government of Myanmar are not going to contribute to repatriation,” it added. The Government of Bangladesh urges the Government of Myanmar to fully concentrate on implementation of its obligations and commitments necessary for a durable solution of the problem, the MOFA release added.