BD economy to exceed Malaysia, S’pore’s by 2024: Kamal

Bangladesh economy will exceed from the Malaysia and Singapore by 2024, finance minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said on Sunday. “Bangladesh has significantly moved up and persistently maintained its strong GDP growth under regime of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The country’s economy will top from Malaysia and Singapore by 2024,” the minister said this while addressing an inauguration program of the new committee of Development Journalist Forum of Bangladesh (DJFB) held at NEC auditorium in the city’s Agargaon area.

In 2030, the country is predicted to have poverty free as the government has taken several initiatives for it, he said adding that, combined afford is needed to build developed country. “Those who are landless in the country, the government will allocate land to them for their rehabilitation,” he added.

He said, “Journalists should have to work together with the government for the country’s development. They had already assisted the government through their various reports. I hoped that they will continue their effort in future.” Planning Minister MA Mannan said, “People especially who live in rural area want to see development of the country. The government also is working to build a developed country by taking many steps in every sector.”

He said that the government and people of the country are working for developing the country. Some are always creates obstacle to hamper the development works. But we should aware from them, he added. He urged that journalist should have to do investigative reports in any sector which can help the government. The government has undertaken several steps to reach among the root level people, he added.

DJFB president FHM Hmayun Kabir said journalists are working as watchdog of the government. “We are writing reports on good initiatives of government and also writing reports on corruption, anomalies and manipulations of any sector which helps the government for taking time befitting decision,” he added.

Among others, secretary of planning commission Nurul Amin, senior secretary of GED, Dr Shamsul Alam, IMED secretary Abul Mansur Md Faizullah and ERD secretary Begum Fatema Yesmin were present at the inauguration.