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BCS Becomes Lucrative | BCS Cadre Salary

Published : 17 Jan 2020 09:52 PM | Updated : 07 Oct 2021 08:50 PM

Country’s educated youths are apparently becoming more focused on getting first-class government jobs as the demand for such jobs has increased significantly in the last five years. The demand started increasing in 2015 after the implementation of the new pay scale. In 2015, the government approved the new pay scale for its officials and employees by increasing the salary by 100 percent.

In the new pay scale, the highest basic pay is Tk 78,000 while the minimum basic is Tk 8,250. An officer who joins government service through the BCS examination will now get a basic pay of Tk 22,000, besides getting house rent in accordance with the area of residence and medical reimbursements. The earlier basic pay was Tk 11,000.

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Earlier, the most qualified and meritorious youths used to go abroad or get them engaged in multi-national companies or banking sectors as these institutions offer them high salaries. But the past scenario has been changed as the educated youths are opting for first-class government jobs specially cadre services like Bangladesh Civil Service.

“I think the government job especially the BCS cadre service is the best job. If I join a private company with a high salary, it can terminate me anytime. But in a government job I shall be very safe and secure,” a youth, who obtained post-graduation from Rajshahi University, said. The number of applicants in preliminary examinations in BCS has broken all the previous records last year, according to Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) officials.

This time the number was 200 times higher against available posts. The number of candidates in BCS job has increased more than two and a half times over the last nine years. The trend of taking part in BCS exam increased mostly in the last three years. As a result, the competition has reached its peak.

Experts say that increasing facilities in a government job, merit-based selection, and getting job without any recommendation are the reasons for this interest. Besides, the authorities also recommend a large number of candidates, who have passed the BCS examination, to appoint as first and second-class non-cadre officers.

According to Public Service Commission (PSC), the deadline for applying for the 41st BCS Exam was January 4. This time, nearly five lakh applications have been submitted under PSC which is the highest in BCS history. Earlier, four lakh 12 thousand and 532 candidates had applied for the 40th BCS.

However, PSC conducted 39th Special BCS Examination for Physicians. A total of 37,713 candidates applied. Besides, 3,46,446 candidates applied for 38th BCS, 2,43,476 applicants for 37th BCS, 2,11,326 for 36th BCS, 2,44,107 for 35th BCS, 2,21,575 for 34th BCS and 1,93,059 applied for the 33th BCS examination.

About the enthusiasm of youth in the BCS exam, PSC Chairman Dr. Mohammad Sadik said, “The government has given independence to the PSC. Now, anyone, who has merit, can get a government job without any recommendation. Apart from this, facilities in government jobs have increased compared to the past.”

He also said, “Candidates who do not qualify for the cadre position, they have a chance to go for non-cadre service. In addition, the current commission is trying its best to ensure transparency. Even if a person working in PSC participates in the BCS examination, he or she will get the same opportunity as an ordinary candidate. As a result, the interest of youth’s in BCS has increased.”

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BCS Cadre Salary In Bd

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BCS cadre salary structure in Bangladesh: 

7th National Pay Scale
8th National Pay Scale 
Grade -1
Grade -2
Grade -3
Grade -4
Grade -5
Grade -6
Grade -7
Grade -8
Grade -9

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