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BCB to earn Tk 400 crore

Published : 14 Mar 2024 08:52 PM

The Bangladesh Cricket Board’s possible revenue in the 2023–24 financial year is forecasted more than TK 356 crore. It is assumed that the board will earn more than TK 72 crore from the International Cricket Council (ICC) as a profit share. If that happens, the total income of the BCB will stand at TK 428 crore.

The board earns from ICC revenue sharing, along with tournament revenue, TV broadcast rights, and sponsorship. Meanwhile, BCB’s revenue in 2022–23 was more than Tk362 crore.

The figure was revealed in the 9th Annual General Meeting of the organization held at the BCB office in Gulshan, Dhaka, on Tuesday.

The financial report presented at the AGM displayed details of the years 2023–24 and also of the ongoing year.

As per the presentation, BCB’s revenue will possibly be at Tk362 crores (66 lakhs and 25 thousand) and an approximate expenditure of Tk284 crores (34 lakhs and 79 thousand). In 2023–24, BCB had a revenue of approximately Tk356 crores and spending of around Tk168 crores (21 lakhs). BCB will have an increase in income of around Tk125 crores compared to 2022–23 and also an increase in spending of approximately Tk116 crores. 

BCB, considered one of the richest cricket boards in the world, has a total cash and bank deposit of around Tk219 crores (78 lakhs).

The board has Tk650 crores in terms of fixed deposit receipts and accumulated funds of Tk901 crores (91 lakhs) approximately.

Cricket’s governing body in the country has earned more than Tk40 crore from FDR interest. BCB’s chief earnings are from ICC revenue sharing. The board also earns from tournament revenue, TV broadcast rights, and sponsorships.