Battery-run rickshaws banned in city

Rehabilitate the rickshawpullers

Published : 17 May 2024 09:46 PM

We hail the government’s decision to stop plying the battery-run rickshaws in the capital Dhaka. Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader ordered the authorities to take steps so that the battery-run rickshaws cannot ply roads in Dhaka city. The government has already banned these vehicles on 22 highways. Measures are being implemented to ensure compliance with this directive.

Battery-run rickshaws cause accidents due to their uncontrolled speed on narrow roads in the city. The number of these unauthorised mode of transport is on the rise, and the owners are using illegal power connections to charge these three-wheelers amid an acute energy crisis 

A group of people are providing token and number plates to unauthorised battery-run rickshaws for their vested interest and earning Tk 100 million per month. More than 100,000 illegal battery-run rickshaws are now plying the city streets, according to the federation and media reports.

Many have been demanding a total ban on the battery-run three-wheelers ruling the alleyways of Dhaka for the dangers of the light vehicles moving at a high-speed. The weak brake system despite a high-speed leads these electric rickshaws to cause accidents frequently. The drivers also tend to take the main roads, often on the wrong lanes.

More than 100,000 illegal 

battery-run rickshaws are

 now plying the city streets.

However, hundreds of battery-run rickshawpulers in the city fell into serious trouble after the government’s ban on battery-run rickshaws. These rickshawpulers, poor as they are, have always remained outside the paradigm of power, and chances are, they along with thousands of others will slip into social and economic chaos. However, the government has no accurate information about the number of battery-run rickswahpullers in the city.

Therefore, the authorities should take all kinds of steps to rehabilitate the battery-run rickshwapullers so that they could restart earning for their family members. Besides, those who are well-off in society should stand beside the affected rickshawpullers 

The authorities concerned should start providing food assistance among the affected rickshawpullers under the Vulnerable Group Feeding (VGF) programme across the city in order to help them overcome food crisis immediately.