BARVIDA expels vice-president Sadat

Bangladesh Reconditioned Vehicles Importers and Dealers Association (BARVIDA) has temporarily expelled its Vice President 1, S M Anowar Sadat for one year. 

The BARVIDA board took the decision in its 8th Executive Committee Meeting unanimously to expell Sadat on July 26 under the sub clause 10.4 and sub clause 10.6 of article 10 of the article of Association of BARVIDA. 

The BARVIDA leaders prompted President of the Association to take Vice President the agenda no.3 dated 11.6.2020 which was supposed to be held on 7th EC meeting on 14.6.2020. The house unanimously requested the President to include and raise the leftover agenda 3 of the Executive Committee Meeting dated 14.6.2020. Accordingly it was taken up in the miscellaneous agenda.

Earlier on 13 May 2020 on the unanimous request the President served a Show Cause Notice upon S M Anowar Sadat to explain and Show Cause within 7 days as to why activities shall not be taken against him.

Besides S M Anowar Sadat by his activities disrepute and maligned by his gesture and activities in many occasion and Meetings of the Committee which tantamount to misconduct. 

On 15 May 2020 S M Anowar Sadat replied to the Show Cause notice of the President, BARVIDA. In the reply he has challenged the authority of the President, BARVIDA under sub clause 10.4 and sub clause 10.6 of article 10 of the Article of Association of BARVIDA.

In the mean time Sadat has filed arbitration case no.3 of 2020 before FBCCI and simultaneously filed an application to the Director of Trade Organization (DTO), Ministry of Commerce to challenge the said Show Cause notice of the President, BARVIDA on the mentioned date that is 14.6.2020 he has utilized the DTO to call the BARVIDA President on 14.6.2020 to drop the agenda no. 3 of the 7th Executive Committee meeting and in the evening.