Bangladeshi’s ‘WhadaTime’ among 150 best UK media cos

Published : 22 Oct 2021 09:51 PM

WhadaTime, founded by Shadman Sakib, a Bangladesh born entrepreneur in Britain, has made its room among the 150 best UK media and entertainment startups and companies along with established entities like BBC, OnlyFans, ITV and Disney.

17x, a UK based renowned media publication, has selected the 'WhadaTime' in the group of best 150 UK media and entertainment startups and companies across the size spectrum to showcase.

As per 17x, these startups and companies are all taking different approaches to innovating the media and entertainment industry that diversity of innovation is what makes the UK so great.

The 17x has selected the startups and companies for exceptional performance in innovation, growth, management and social impact.

Earlier 'Best Startup', a United Kingdom (UK) based digital platform, selected the top 25 London based data mining startups and companies where the position of 'WhadaTime' is 10th, as per the '' website.

WhadaTime is an interactive short video platform born from a mission to connect talented performers around the globe. It's a destination for people worldwide to showcase, consume and engage with talent, ideas, creativity, and culture from anyone, anywhere. Born from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, WhadaTime is designed to connect viewers with performers, with an integrated AI element dedicated to advanced behavioral analysis for content consumption and creation.

Innovation at WhadaTime is driven by a clear mission to empower anyone to become a performer, built on the belief that everyone is born with a talent - they need the space and the platform to discover it and display it to the world.

"Our goal is to be a stimulant that ignites that hidden ability of ordinary people to become the next global phenomenon through using the WhadaTime platform," said Founder and CEO of WhadaTime, Shadman Sakib.

 "And to realize this objective, we are devoted to inventing features that will bring communities together that support each other in growth and positivity," he added.