Bangladeshi Idol Pangkaj 'commits suicide'

Bandarban Correspondent

Bangladeshi Idol singer Pangkaj Devnath, 29, a brilliant music star,  'committed suicide' in his room in Bandarban district town on early Wednesday, just after posting a video clip on Facebook.

Pangkaj, a resident of Balaghat area of the town, became the Bangladeshi Idol singer in 2013. The programme was telecasted by SATV.

One of Pangkaj's friend Ashish Barua said seeing the video clip sent by Pangkaj on messenger, they rushed to his home around 1am. They entered the house breaking open the door and found his hanging body

They rushed him to a local hospital where the on-duty doctor declared him dead. Pangkaj might have committed suicide over love affair, his friends said.

In 17 seconds video clip, Pangkaj said bye to his friend and wanted to free by committing suicide. A rope was also found on his head in the video.