Bangladesh soil favourable for ‘Teen’

Satkhira youth successfully cultivates the desert fruit on his rooftop garden

SM Shahidul Islam, Satkhira 

The renowned, sweet, juicy, flavoured fruit of the desert as mentioned in the Holy Quran as ‘Teen’ fruit is now being successfully cultivated at the rooftop garden of Asifur Rahman, a local youth of Satkhira. 

Full in medicinal qualities and nutrition, the Teen has adjusted with the soil and climate of the country. The production of these varieties of coloured fruit is also satisfactory. 

The Teen cultivator Asifur Rahman of Katia Sarker para of Satkhira has started to cultivate mixed-fruits at his roof garden. He collected some Teen saplings from Egypt and cultivated those without applying any chemical fertiliser. He only used bio-fertiliser and compost fertiliser in the soil.

At first, he was suspicious whether the plant will grow smoothly and bear flower and fruit but the plants grew 8 to 10 feet in height and fruits grew at the bottom of every leaf in all seasons. Though during rainy season and winter, the fruit growth is hampered a bit, in other seasons, the fruit grows smoothly and abundantly.   

Resembled like fig but bigger in size, the fruit started to ripen within six months of flowering. The colour of this fruit turns red, purple, pink and yellow gradually during ripening. A fully ripened fruit is full of sweet juice and tasty. 

Teen fruit cultivator Asifur said, he became interested to cultivate the fruit by reading the Holy Quran where the name of this fruit has been mentioned. He then procured the saplings of the fruit through one of his friends in Egypt. Now, there are eight to ten varieties of Teen fruit plants at his roof top garden. He further mentioned, though in Saudi Arabia and in Bangladesh this fruit is known as 'Teen', it is called 'Angeer' in India, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and teh USA. 

Excepting Teen, Asif has also cultivated Joytun fruit at his roof top garden.

Amjad Hossain, Upazila Agriculture Officer at Satkhira informed, Teen is a nutritious fruit which mainly grows at the desert region. Teen has also adapted suitably with the soil and climate of Bangladesh.

The fruit has a good commercial demand and the agriculture department will assist those who will come forward to cultivate this fruit.