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Bangladesh never wants war with Myanmar: Kamal

BGB, Coast Guard on alert to stop further Rohingya influx

Published : 17 Sep 2022 10:14 PM

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal on Saturday said the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and the Coast Guard are on the alert to prevent Rohingyas from crossing into Bangladesh amid escalating tensions at the border with Myanmar

The minister was speaking to reporters after an event in the capital Dhaka.

He further said Rohingyas trying to enter Bangladesh through the border were being sent back to Myanmar.

“There was a Rohingya family on the zero line on Friday. We also saw that mortar firing from Myanmar had killed one and injured several,” the home boss continued. 

The minister also called for de-escalation of violence near the border.

He said Bangladesh did not want to go to war with Myanmar over the issue and wanted a peaceful resolution, before adding that the country would take the matter to the United Nations if necessary.

He said, “Myanmar never keeps its word. We are making all bilateral and multilateral efforts. Our efforts will continue. We want the peaceful repatriation of the 1.2 million Rohingya who have taken shelter in our country.”

He also said that recently we see that not only Rohingya, but also many of their ethnic groups are fighting with Thailand, China, Mizoram and along our borders with the Myanmar army. We note that a rebel group called the Arakan Army is fighting there. Sometimes I see good relations with them, sometimes I see war. They know what is the secret inside. Their wars should be within their boundaries.

The Home Minister said, “We are strongly protesting the ammunition that is falling on our border. We are talking to their Army, our Foreign Ministry has called their ambassador and informed him clearly about our position. Our prime minister never wants war, we want peaceful solution. Let their internal conflict remain within their boundaries.”