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Bangladesh holds a special place in the heart of Kosovar citizens: Visar Kluna

Published : 23 Feb 2024 10:31 PM

Visar Kluna, Chargé d’Affaires at Kosovo embassy in Dhaka, has said the young nation aspires to receive diplomatic recognition on the global stage especially from South Asian countries, like Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka with whom they have nice communication.

“Our commitment to international cooperation, peace, and stability is unwavering,” he said while speaking at a reception marking the 16th National Day of Kosovo on Thursday evening. 

State Minister for Women and Children Affairs Simeen Hussain Rimi joined the event as the chief

 guest. Diplomats stationed in Dhaka, business people, artists and media representatives were present.

Bangladesh recognized Kosovo seven years ago, and this choice, Kosovo thinks, brought only prosperity and harmony for both nations.

“As we celebrate the 16th National Day of Kosovo, let us embrace the spirit of unity, cooperation, and progress. May the diplomatic ties between Kosovo and Bangladesh continue to flourish, bringing about a future of shared prosperity and understanding,” said Kluna.

Bangladesh holds a special place in the heart of Kosovar citizens, to begin with the UN peace keeping missions in Kosovo to the unwavering support of Bangladeshi government to Kosovo, said the envoy.

The notable developments in Bangladesh, under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, he said, Kosovo applauds the progress and achievements of Bangladesh and looks forward to further collaboration in various domains.

Two countries have signed three bilateral agreements and MoUs so far.

“We are in the process of negotiating and finalizing three more agreements, on economic cooperation, cultural cooperation, and on the avoidance of double taxation,” he said.

Last year the two countries had two Ministerial level visits (Minister Dipu Moni to WPS, Defense Minister RKS to Bangladesh) that took place between Kosovo and Bangladesh; and Kosovar President Dr. Vjosa Osmani Sadriu met the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the United Kingdom, which also revealed the determination of both parties to take the relations to the next level.

“Today, we gather not only to celebrate the resilience and progress of Kosovo but also to acknowledge the significant milestone of six years of diplomatic ties between Kosovo and Bangladesh,” Kluna added.

The Republic of Kosovo declared its independence on 17th February 2008.

Kosovo experienced a transitional period of less than nine years following its liberation in 1999, with the support of the majority of the international community, including Bangladesh.

“Over the past fifteen years, as the newest country in Europe, the Republic of Kosovo has made remarkable progress in every field. Today we have a functional, prosperous, stable and multi-ethnic State with a diverse society and steadily growing economy,” said the envoy.

He said Kosovo is optimistic about its future, having a high Human Development Index and a low Gini coefficient, suggesting, progress in social equity since emerging from the 1999 war.

The country has achieved notable success in various sectors, including arts and sports.

Infrastructure for development is in place, and Kosovo aims to become a developed nation in the coming years, said Kluna.

The commitment to EU integration is emphasized, with the submission of a membership application in 2022, anticipating candidate status soon for the benefit of peace, stability, economic development, and regional reconciliation, he said.