Bangladesh Documentary Filmmakers Association demands release of Japanese Toru Kubota

Published : 09 Oct 2022 11:22 PM | Updated : 10 Oct 2022 04:01 PM

The Bangladesh Documentary Filmmakers Association has demanded release of Japanese filmmaker Toru Kubota who is sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Myanmar military rulers.

 A human chain was formed in this regard on Saturday in Dhaka.

 Leaders of the Bangladesh Documentary Filmmakers Association said Myanmar's military overthrew the democratic government. Since then there has been violence. To control the situation, the junta government arrested thousands of citizens including politicians, bureaucrats, students, journalists and foreigners.

 As part of that, Toru Kubota, a young independent media activist, was sentenced for violating the so-called Sedition and Communications Act.

 Toru Kubota, just 26 years old, was arrested last July at a protest rally in Yangon, Myanmar.

 At the time, he faced charges of violating immigration laws and encouraging dissent against the ruling military.

 An official of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the matter on October 6.

“We strongly protest the farcical trial and imprisonment of this young free-thinking media activist and filmmaker, Toru Kubota,” President of Bangladesh Documentary Filmmakers Association Masud Karim said.

 “I also demand his immediate release.”

 Poet Nasir Ahmed, General Secretary of the Documentary Filmmakers Association Sehangal Biplob also demanded his release.

 They will also give a memorandum to the Myanmar Embassy in Dhaka through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh for his release.

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