Bangabandhu, a family man

Following the War of Independence, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman worked hard to bring stability to the country. Though he always remained busy with official works, he never for once forgot his family. Those who were with him in those trying times have narrated in details how he remained a devoted family man.

Those who knew him well say that he always had a soft spot for his parents, and, whenever he got time, he used to visit them in Tungipara of Gopalganj. Throughout the days of his troubles and turmoil, Begum Fazilatunnessa Mujib was always beside him. During the days of her sufferings, she was engaged in a constant struggle to ensure that her children could go to school; that she and the children could find a decent accommodation.

Bangabandhu knew about this. He was very well aware of the troubles his family had to go through at the hands of the ruling Pakistani junta and yet he had full confidence on his wife. Those who witnessed the struggle of Begum Mujib have stated that there were times during the initial stage of Agartala Case when Begum Mujib knew nothing about the whereabouts of her husband for days.

Reminiscing the old days, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina often highlights an occasion from her past. The premier has stated often, “Once, during one of my father’s brief times out of prison, I was playing with him and Sheikh Kamal was watching us standing nearby. At one point, Kamal asked me, “Can I play for a little while with your Abba (father)?”

It means that a hint that the little boy was unaware that Mujib was Hasina’s father as much as he was his. An emotional Bangabandhu, touched deeply by his son’s words, quickly gathered him to his arms.” In the end, Bangabandhu and his family, except for his daughters were killed by conspirators. But in all his years his ties with his family remained strong. He was a devoted husband and wonderful father. His family was everything to him just like Bangladesh was his life.