Attacks on journalists

Ensure safety of journalists

Published : 29 Oct 2023 09:14 PM

We express deep concern and sorrow over the attacks on journalists during the Saturday’s BNP’s rally,  in the city. At least 30 journalists were injured when they were on duty for gathering information, taking photographs and audio-visuals and present them to the public during the violence carried out by BNP men. During the mayhem, video cameras and mobile phones of journalists were also snatched away and broken by the BNP activists.

It is a matter of great concern that they are attacked while performing duties. All consider the journalists as mirrors of society and defenders of human rights in the world. All political parties have to understand that journalism is a profession which always raises voice against the misdeed, misrule, violence and corruption.  

Taking life risk the journalists always cover all sorts of events. Amid violence and attack they have to discharge their professional duties. Wherever any incident of terror acts or violation of human rights happens they rush there to cover the event and take photographs in order to make it public. 

Mass media is the

 fourth pillar of the 

state and democracy

The mass media is the fourth pillar of the state and democracy and the mass media are complementary to each other. Without freedom and transparency of media, democracy can never be operative and democratic social system cannot survive. 

Therefore, freedom of media and freedom of expression are definitely necessary to consolidate the democracy. But if the journalists come under attack while discharging their professional duties, it will be a big blow to the country’s freedom of media and freedom of expression.

The government should be determined to ensure the safety of the journalists. Mass media sector is mature enough and it is time to formulate a regulatory body. We are urging all political parties and law enforcement forces to ensure the safety of journalists.

We demanded immediate arrest of the culprits who were involved in the attacks to ensure exemplary punishment to them. Taking the latest attack on journalists seriously, it is urgently needed to device a common framework of guideline towards better safety and security of journalists.