Arosh and Brishty reunite after a hiatus

Published : 10 Dec 2023 05:54 PM

Brishty effortlessly collaborates with newcomers, explaining why viewers of tele-drama appreciate the promising pair of the small screen featuring Brishty opposite the young actor Arosh Khan.

The audience's interest in the Arosh-Brishty pair has grown significantly. After a brief hiatus, they have reunited for their latest project. Over the past two days, Arosh and Brishty acted in a drama titled ‘‘Kichu Kotha Bolar Chilo,’ written by Mesbah Uddin Sumon and directed by Maksudur Rahman Bishal.

Speaking about her experience in the drama, Brishty said, “I want to emphasise that the rise of the Arosh-Brishty pair is attributed to the audience's love. Arosh is dedicated and puts a lot of effort into portraying a character. If the director asks him to jump from a two or three-story building for the sake of the story, the word ‘no’ will not come out of Arosh’s mouth.

When an artiste has such a love for acting, amazing things can happen. Mesbah Uddin Sumon wrote the story of the drama very well, and the director brought it to life with heart. I am very optimistic.”

Arosh said, “From the very first scene, I felt that this was going to be a good project, and that's exactly what happened. Since I started working with Tania Brishty, the response from the audience has been amazing. The interest in our pair is growing day by day. I believe their love for our pair is increasing. We are now more discerning about selecting stories. Many good works are in store for the future.”

The tele-drama is expected to air on a satellite TV channel soon and will be released on YouTube later. Popular dramas starring Arosh and Brishty include ‘Love Torture,’ ‘Abhimani Tumi Garteda Ami,' 'Ektu Boka,' 'Chingki Na Mingki,' 'Loose Connection,' 'Head Phone,' 'Prem Abujh,' 'Hasite Faasi,' 'Come from Barisal,’ and ‘Chele Dhora,’ among others.