Are your children materialistic?

Wahseka Lanee, Parihan Ehsan Adrita and Syeda Zarin Jabin

All around the world people are using media a lot nowadays. It is putting a huge impact on us. However, it is affecting us negatively more than positively, especially on children. The biggest negative impact on children is that they are becoming materialistic. What is a materialistic kid?

Let’s consider the thought and you will understand what type of impact media has on children. The only thing that make children happy is buying new products, games, free surprises etc. When they see new product advertisements in any media, they want that product very badly. They just get driven by the urge to buy those unnecessary products. Until they get the product they will not be satisfied, they are stubborn and will most likely throw a tantrum. Moreover, they may even behave angrily and rudely with their parents and might not even want to talk to them if their wishes aren’t fulfilled. 

This type of behaviour can make the relationship weaker. Their social behavior may also degrade. Sometimes children start to roll on the floor and scream loudly if their parents don’t want to buy the product for them. Sometimes kids want to buy a particular product just for the free item attached with it; they might not be interested in the product to begin with and might not use the main product at all. Not only that, but also when children see fancy things in other people’s homes, they might become jealous, even if their parents buy them everything they want. They start to think that if they have these products then their life is complete and they feel proud. This happens with many children, nowadays, and this scenario is prevalent even among 2-3 year olds. This is not only a waste of money but also a waste of space in the house.

I believe that in order to fix this problem parents should make some ground rules for children in their house. Parents shouldn’t give their children everything, but rather should teach them why being materialistic is so harmful. This can be done in many different interesting and interactive ways. Parents should limit the number of things that they buy for their kids and should rather focus more on spending time with their child. This doesn’t mean that parents should be very strict and not buy their kids anything, but there must be a limit so that they don’t buy unnecessary and wasteful products or go beyond control.

The writers are 5th Graders 

at Aga Khan School