Aranyak’s new drama 'Kohe Facebook'

Aranyak is an impeccable name in the stage drama of Bangladesh. The role of Aranyakin expanding drama is undeniable. They regularly bring old plays to new stages along with exhibitions. Now, Aranyakhas brought new drama on the stage again. Its name is 'Kohe Facebook'. The play was composed and directed by playwright Mamunur Rashid.

Aranyak staged the play in the evening at the National Theater of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on 28 November. This is Aranyak's 62nd production.

The play shows that in this age of technology dependence, the internet has taken over everywhere from people's homes to offices. The internet has given people speed, taken away emotions. Facebook is a popular medium in this vast sea of high speed internet communication.

Behind this visible world of ours, Facebook has created an invisible world known as the Virtual World. Its scope and impact is so intense that its effects have turned human beings into biological robots by eradicating emotions, feelings and love from human life, family and society as a whole. 

Every person in the corporate world relying on the internet and social media and their lives are visual examples of this. Everything is available there very easily and in a short time, but one thing is lacking, that is-Touch. There is only one thing that people want forever - support, touch. Kohe Facebook tells the story of such a touch-less life.

Mamunur Rashid said about this, 'I heard a thing when I was in school as a child - science gave speed, took away emotion. At that time no benefit of science reached rural life. 

So the issue did not affect our thinking or our way of life. After coming to Dhaka, the power crisis in the hostel life and the misery in the transport system went away for a long time. But then there was a massive change in electronic technology. Cellphone, Facebook, Twitter, how much more! Meanwhile, Facebook became hugely popular. Cellphones, Facebook greatly increased the speed of life. 

This speed threw the whole world into all the terrible problems. The world became a touch-less world.

The primitive desire of man is touch or shadow. People screamed for that touch. At that juncture, I tried to give a short message. '

It stars Kamrul Hasan, Arif Hossain Apel, Rezwan Parvez, Zobayer Zahid, Sajjad Saju, Ruhul Amin, Tajuddin Taju, Tasmi Chowdhury, Saeed Sumon, Rubli Chowdhury and others.