Apurba to be back on set

Popular small screen actor Ziaul Faruk Apurbo is returning to shooting. He said that the shooting will start from the middle of this month. The actor has been in home quarantine for about four months. 

After being closed for 72 days, the shooting of TV dramas has started from June 1. Many of the artistes are standing in front of the camera. Again many still don’t think shooting is safe.

Apurba said, “I am planning to shoot from the middle of this month. I have been under lockdown for many days. But for how long can it go on? We have to do our work. But I have been waiting for the situation to return to normal for so long. 

Not all types of work can be done at this time. I will stay with those who can provide proper protection. Now there is no alternative to awareness.”

Prior to the lockdown, the actor was busy with his film work. He took a long break after the movie ‘Gangster Returns’. In March he began work on the film ‘Jodi Kintu Tobuo’. Its director is Shihab Shaheen. Popular actress Nusrat Faria has signed a contract against him. 

This is a movie from the video streaming platform G5. But due to the lockdown of Corona virus, the shooting stopped. If the situation is good, the film will start working again, said the actor. 

What is Apurba’s realization during the long home quarantine? “We were in a time of turmoil,” he replied. “I did not have time for myself. This situation has given us the opportunity to be with family. But even this is not true nature for us. I think everything needs proper care.”

Working on the small screen for a long time, he has also acted in various roles. But in the last two years, many have commented that you have been seen in a similar role. What would you say? In reply, he said, “It’s not like I’m just playing a romantic character. 

I played a dual character in a drama before lockdown. One of these characters was negative. Many more contemporary characters like this are being worked on.”