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An appeal for help

Published : 24 Nov 2021 10:46 PM

Sharif Rifatuzzaman, aged 13, has been suffering from serious brain damage. His condition is described as hydrocephalus in which fluid from the brain and spinal cord accumulates in the brain and gradually interferes with the function of the brain.

Due to slow enlargement and subsequent pressure on his bran’s membrane, Rifat is gradually losing control over his organs. He is already unable to control his urination and defecation. Such a condition often forces the hugely cheerful child to remain lying on the bed for several hours. 

Due to the birth defect of his brain, Rifat, unable to attend school, has been suffering from partial visual impairment since the age of only 11 months. He is also physically impaired due to shortened blood vessels or veins in his right foot. 

The child was also suffering from myelomeningocele which is a defect of the backbone (spine) and spinal cord. Rifat’s spine, the spinal cord, and the spinal canal did not form or close normally which is why he has been suffering from multiple brain damages.

At the age of only eight months, he was operated on to prevent the damages but did not do much benefit. So, he continues to suffer.

In October last Rifat was admitted to the National Institute of Neurosciences and Hospital in Shaymoli in the capital where after three days of treatment the doctors advised immediate brain surgery to prevent further damage in his brain.

He was admitted following repeated violent and sudden movements of his body, caused by involuntary contraction of muscles and associated brain disorders while staying in his village home in Durgapur, Teljuri under Boalmari upazila in Faridpur district.

Son of an assistant shipmaster, Rifat’s parents, Sharif Arifuzzaman and Shahanaz Yasmin are planning to travel to southern India where such highly complicated brain surgery is available.

However, due to high costs, Rifat’s parents have appealed for financial help to cover the expenses of Rifat’s surgery. Any generous and kind help can be sent to the victim’s father’s bank account number; 106.103.231968, account name: Sharif Arifuzzaman, Dutch Bangla Bank Limited.