Alarming rise in road fatalities

Stop reckless driving, save lives

Published : 02 Jun 2022 08:36 PM

We express profound shock and sorrow at the tragic death of five members of a family when a truck crashed into a private car and a three-wheeler on the Daulatdia-Kushtia regional highway in Chadpur Rail gate area under Kalukhali upazila of Rajbari district on Wednesday. They all met the tragic end of their lives when they were going to Rajbari boarding on an auto-rickshaw from Puizore. It is worth mentioning that five people were also killed and many others injured in separate road accidents in different places of the country on the same day. 

It is disconcerting to note that countless people are dying on the roads and highways every day as there is almost no effective measure in place to prevent road accidents. We do not want to hear news of such tragic accidents every day. Needless to say, such death is causing an irreparable loss to every family of the victims. 

All the stakeholders must work hand in 

hand and put forth their concerted 

efforts in order to prevent road accidents

The government took several measures to enhance vigilance on the roads and highways by utilising modern information technology to prevent road accidents. But the country is witnessing fatal road mishaps and many people are dying every day due to a huge numbers of small vehicles plying the highways and a lack of monitoring by the authorities concerned. 

Besides, chronic lack of investment in systemic, targeted, and sustained road safety programmes are also causing road crash.Unhealthy competition among drivers and reckless driving, renting out buses on contractual basis, employing drivers without any license, lack of awareness among pedestrians, motorcyclists and small vehicle drivers, and tendency of overloading and overtaking among drivers violating traffic rules are responsible for the road crash, says a study.

If the government fails to bring discipline on roads and highways, massive development and progress in this sector will be faded. We do not want to see the repetition of such deadly and tragic road crash that continue taking people’s lives and ruining many families. Therefore, all the stakeholders must work hand in hand and put forth their concerted efforts in order to prevent road accidents.