Afsana Mimi directing drama based on Shawkat Ali’s novel

Popular actress and director Afsana Mimi, after four years, is making dramas for BTV. Renowned fiction writer Shawkat Ali has already completed the screenplay of the play from his novel ‘Dokkhinayoner Din’.

Sanjida Preeti, Swagata, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Anisur Rahman Milon, FA Naeem, Sushoma Sarkar, Rajib Salekin and many others will act in it.

Afsana Mimi said, “Today (Friday) I had a meeting with the BTV authorities, including artistes and crew. Work has also been planned out. The shooting will start in the last week of this month. 

The story of the drama will revolve around a female character named Rakhi. Rakhi believes in normal life and wants to live with a sense of principle. 

After completing her studies, she started her career with the dream of teaching. But the running context is not in her favour. That is why various events are born. The play is being made with such a story. Sanjida Preeti is playing the central Rakhi character.”

Afsana Mimi added, “The shadow of reality that is found in Shawkat Ali’s story easily moves people’s minds. Hopefully, the story of this drama will also impress the audience.”