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Admission to 35 pvt univs banned

UGC alerts students

Published : 04 Apr 2024 11:10 PM
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The University Grants Commission (UGC) has warned prospective students against admissions to 35 private universities in the country.

The warning was formally issued by the UGC through a letter signed by Omar Faruq, Director of Private Universities, on Tuesday. However, it was made publicly available on the UGC website on Thursday.

Of the 35 private universities, 30 are running without vice-chancellors (VCs) appointed by the President.

Furthermore, three universities are found to be operating illegally by running campuses and educational programmes without proper authorisation. 

An additional institution failed to transition to its permanent campus within the specified timeframe while another faces legal complications due to an expired temporary permit and ongoing court proceedings. Collectively, these reasons have led the UGC to issue the warning against admissions to those institutions.

The list of those universities can be found on the UGC website, with designated universities marked for reference.

The UGC has issued a cautionary advisory to parents, urging them to exercise vigilance when considering admissions for their children. Additionally, the UGC has made it clear that it will not assume responsibility for any instances of deception or malpractice post-admission.

According to the UGC, certain universities have been found to be flouting regulations by admitting students in excess of the sanctioned seat quotas, operating unauthorised campuses, and offering programmes not approved by the commission. These violations contravene the Private Universities Act of 2010 and UGC regulations.

Repeated wrongdoings have led to prior bans imposed by the UGC 

on these private institutions. 

The notification stresses that the UGC will not bear responsibility for any legal repercussions arising from admissions made in violation of its regulations, including admissions to unauthorised campuses or programmes.

A heightened alert has been issued specifically for three universities— IBAIS University, America Bangladesh University and The University of Cumilla — for operating unlawfully. The expiration of temporary permits for these universities renders their activities legally untenable.

Moreover, conflicts and legal disputes, notably with the board of trustees, have rendered the academic, administrative, and financial operations of these universities invalid. The University of Victoria, for instance, failed to relocate to its permanent campus by the stipulated deadline of January 1, 2023.

The Central University of Science & Technology in Mirpur faces a ban due to multiple infractions, including the expiration of its permanent charter, ownership disputes, absence of key officials, and non-compliance with audit procedures mandated by the Ministry of Education. Admissions to this university are suspended until further notice.