A noble initiative by Jhenidah youths Rickshaw, van pullers, day labouers offered drinks, flower

When the people including the day labouers have been suffering from severe het wave for last couple of days, some youths from local organization came forward to stand by them with glasses of drinks and flowers on their hands. The kind hearted youths came to street on Thursday to give slight relief from the heat.

When this correspondent visited Pairachattar in the district town on Thursday, he witnessed a number of young girls and boys were standing with the juice and flower.

The belongs to Ekota Unnayan Sangathan, a Joy Bangla Youth Awarded organization, Kathan Sanskritik Sangathan (Kasas), Youth Sun, Saptasangha and Swapnabunan.

Ekota Unnayan Sangathan general secretary Suman Parvez, Kasas president Umme Salma Joya, general secretary Protap Aditya Biswas and some other organizers said they came to street just show their sympathy to the ailing people suffering badly due to excessive heat wave. 

It will strengthen their confidence on humanity and help run smoothly on the roads.

The youth boys and girls said that they happy over their initiative. They will do such in future.