89-yr old Aymona deprived of old age allowance

Published : 11 Sep 2020 09:07 PM

Aymona Khatun was born in 1932 in Pakundia upazila of Kishoreganj according to her national identity card. Her husband died 30 years ago. She will attain the age of 89 next December. Even then Aymona Khatun did not get old age or widow allowance card. 

According to government rules, the minimum age for receiving old age allowance is 62. Aymona Khatun, who lost her husband, is suffering from various diseases. Far from treatment, it is difficult for her to get three meals a day. Aymona's question in anger and grief, how old should I need to be to get the old age allowance card? She has not received any old age, widow or any other government allowance card in so many days.

Aymona Khatun, wife of late Abdul Choban of Charpalash village in Sukhia union of Pakundiyaupazila. "I went to a lot of people," she said. How many people assured during the vote. But no one gave anything.

Aymona Khatun lives in her husband's house. The only earning member of the family is a mason by profession. He said, the family somehow survives on the mason's income. Although my mother is eligible for old age allowance, she still does not get any allowance.

Sukhia Union Parishad chairman Abdul Hamid Titu could not be reached his mobile phone for comment  on, despite taking attempts more than once on Monday afternoon.

In this regard, Upazila Social Service Officer Ruhul Amin said, I have just learned the matter from you. If the woman submits her papers to the local chairman, she will soon come under the allowance. These lists are made by the people's representatives. Many times some are left out. Considering the issue, the process of selecting the beneficiaries through miking has started from this year.