7.5 lakh workers to go abroad in 2020

The government will send 7.5 lakh trained and skilled workers abroad this year and explore five more labour markets within the period. “Skilled workers will be sent in newer labour markets abroad in the Mujib Year,” he told a ‘Meet the Press’ on “The government’s Labour Market Plan in the New Year” arranged by Reporters for Bangladeshi Migrants (RBM) at the ministry conference room in the city.

“As the government declared 2 percent incentive, remittance has increased up to 22.67 per cent in the year 2019 and we hope that our remittance will cross $20 billion this year,” State Minister for Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment Imran Ahmed told this at a press conference on Sunday. Reporters for Bangladeshi Migrants (RBM) organised the meet the press at the Manpower and Overseas Ministry’s conference room in the city. The government plans to send trained and skilled workers to some new destinations like Cambodia, Seychelles, Herzegovina, Romania, Hungary, Poland, China and other foreign countries.

In his speech, Minister Imran Ahmed said, “In the year 2019, our target was to send 4.5 lakh trained and skilled workers abroad. But we have sent more than 7 lakh, which was much more than the target.” Minister Imran Ahmed also added, “Demand for our trained and skilled manpower is coming from different countries in the Eastern Europe. We are working and trying to create a good labour market for the expatriate workers all over the world and we’ve started the process.”

Regarding the workers’ travel facilities, the minister mentioned, “I have sent a letter to Managing Director of the Biman Bangladesh Airlines with a request for ensuring special facilities for the immigrants going abroad with BMET smart card. I also requested him to provide a special discount in the ticket prices.” Answering to a question, he said, “We are trying to engage the private sector and recruit agencies to send more skilled manpower abroad in a legal way and we will not tolerate any irregularities in the overseas employment sector.”

“We have completed 21 operations by Mobile Court and Inter Ministry Task force to ensure immigrants’ security where we imposed fine of Tk 20 lakh 18 thousand and jailed 4 persons for different duration,” State Minister for Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment claimed. The Minister gave details about operation showing that the number of accused recruiting agencies is 214 while 352 workers have been compensated Tk 3.44crore. The Minister claimed that some people go abroad illegally and get victimized. He urged journalists to publish and telecast contents to help reduce illegal entry to overseas countries.