6 singers release ‘Bangladesh’ on Independence Day

On the occasion of the Independence Day of Bangladesh, six artistes have released the song “Bangladesh” under the banner of Aajob Records. Joy Shahriar composed the tune and lyrics were written by Ketan Sheikh. Joy Shahriar, Ronti Das, Borno Chakroborty, Abanti Sithi, Tumpa Khan and Ketan Sheikh have performed on the song.

The music video for "Bangladesh" has been released on Aajob Records YouTube channel. It was produced by Aajob Karkhana. Besides, audio of the song can be heard on four mobile music platforms across the country. 

Joy Shahriar, the composer and artist of the song, said, "The whole world is going through a very difficult time. I urge everyone to stay home and and enjoy good songs, movies, books. Our song "Bangladesh" is part of that effort. We want to pay tribute to all freedom fighters on the great Independence Day through our new song "Bangladesh".