500-yr old Dhak-Dhol haat sits before Durga Puja

Published : 20 Oct 2020 08:38 PM | Updated : 20 Oct 2020 08:38 PM

A 500-year old haat of Dhak-Dhol (market of drums) and other musical instruments sits at Katiadi Puran Bazar in Kishoreganj district ahead of Durga Puja festival each year, the biggest religious festival of Hindu community. 

It is known that in fifteen century Local King Raja Nabaratna Roy was first to organise Durga Puja in his own palace near Katabon Dhigi two miles away from Katiadi Sadar. The king used to send massage to different Raja and Zaminders and invited them to enjoy Durga Puja festivity at his own palace. The musical man used to come here to sell their product and also to perform dancing to give amusement to the devotees of the Durga Puja. 

Later on Durga Puja was shifted to the resident of Hari Kishore Roy Chowdhury the fore father of great film maker Sattyajeet Roy at Musua Union under Katiadi Upazila. At that time the musical man used to come by boat and assemble at Jatra Bari at the bank of river Brammhaputtra. But to the increasing number of Durga Puja conflict arises amongst the Zaminder. As a result it is now held at Katiadi proper. The artisans take taka fifty thousand to 1 lakh per puja mondop. The music man they used to self 10 thousand taka per Dhak and 5 thousand per Dhol. 4 to 6 thousand taka per hand made flute. There is no such market in Bangladesh.

Katiadi Municipality Mayor Showkat Hossain Sukkur said that, they offer enough security to hold this historic event with peace manner.

Katiadi Upazila Chairman Md. Mustakur Rahman and Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mst. Aktarunnesa said that, the historic event and Dhak-Dhol market are still held at Katiadi and they arranged adequate security for holding the Durga Puja festival to cordial atmosphere.

Member of Parliament (Kishoreganj- 2) (Katiadi-Pakundia) Nur Mohammad said that, this festivity is our heritage and pride. We fill proud of it. He will arranged permanent emersion of Durga idol at the particular place. As there is no particular place for emersion of Durga idol. Now it is held at the field Katiadi Degree College.