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5 bureaucrats under watch for awarding contracts

Police give Somrat ultimatum to surrender

Published : 24 Sep 2019 09:04 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 04:15 AM

Intelligence agencies are gathering evidences about five senior bureaucrats for their alleged involvement in providing illegal help in awarding major construction contracts. Among them, three had just gone on retirement while two others are still in service. Allegations say that they were masterminds in awarding the major construction contracts to GK Builders and its sister companies. During the primary interrogation, arrested GK Shamim disclosed their names.

After getting their names and designations, intelligence agencies are working restlessly to gather necessary evidences against the high up bureacrats. Sources said that during interrogation Shamim disclosed that he bribed the bureaucrats offering huge amount of money in advance prior to getting any major contracts. He used to send the bribe (cash) money to them to secret locations of their choices.

Some of these corrupt bureaucrats demanded international currencies, preferably US dollars, instead of local currencies from Shamim so that they could send these illegal money abroad for dodging law enforcers. Meanwhile, law enforcers have given a twenty four hours ultimatum to Dhaka City (South) Jubo League president Ismail Hossain Somrat.

Since early Tuesday morning, they have communicated with him to send the warning message at his Kakrail location where is now stationed. Officials have already asked him to surrender at any police station immediately to avoid police raid at the Bhuiyan Mansion in city’s Kakrail area. Somrat is currently staying in the building. More than two hundred cadres of Somrat are protecting him on three shift basis.

Police informed Somrat that if he fails to surrender, police will be forced to raid at the Bhuiyan Mansion for arresting him as per order of the government high commands. Police warned that if anyone resisted or created obstacle during police raid and arrest police would be forced to act as per the law and also warned that Somrat would be responsible for any casualties, if any that may arise during the raid.

Meanwhile, police are intercepting all communication of Somrat. They came to know the names of the persons with whom the Jubo League leader is regularly communicating to avoid arrest. A senior official informed that police is still negotiating for a peaceful solution regarding the arrest of Somrat.