45 agricultural services to be available on one digital platform

Published : 15 Mar 2023 09:15 PM

From now on, 45 citizen services of the Ministry of Agriculture and 17 subordinate departments/organizations will be available on an integrated digital platform. From which, more than two crore people related to agriculture will directly enjoy these benefits. These services can be found by clicking on the Integrated Digital Service ( tab from the Ministry's website (

Agriculture Minister and Awami League presidium member Dr Abdur Razzaque inaugurated this digital service in the conference room of the ministry on Wednesday. Agriculture Secretary Wahida Akhtar and senior officials of the ministry and heads of organizations were present.

The minister said that as a result of the launch of this platform, the citizen services provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and the subordinate offices/organizations will be available in one place very easily, it will take less time to get the services and the cost of travel will be reduced.

Through this portal the existing civil services (which will gradually increase) are integrated sector-wise, department-wise/department-wise. Services provided by the Ministry and all agencies on agricultural consultancy, crops, license and registration, fertilisers, grants and subsidies, irrigation and pesticides will be available digitally for farmers, producers, traders, importers and exporters. Here, the required information is inserted against each service. In what process, at what cost, through whom, at what time and through what necessary documents the services can be obtained are mentioned in detail. Also the service steps for each service are described.

Later, the Minister of Agriculture instructed the scientists to increase research in fruits, vegetables or horticulture in the implementation progress meeting of the Ministry's annual development program. He said that the country's scientists are still lagging behind in the research of economic fruits, vegetables or horticulture. The contribution of scientists here is not very visible.

The minister also directed the scientists to discuss horticulture with private agricultural entrepreneurs.