44 Bogura traders fined for charging high salt price

Mobile courts in Bogura realised more than Taka two lakh fine from 44 traders from various upazilas of the district for spreading rumour and selling salt at double the price than the regular market price on Tuesday night. It is learnt, spreading the rumour of shortage of supply of salt, some dishonest traders in Bogura and the surrounding upazilas increased the price of salt. The district administration, police, information office and local public representatives started a crack down against the traderes spreading the rumours and selling salt a high-price than the normal price. UNOs of various upazilas, Officer-in-charge of various police stations, upazila chairmen and Mayor of various municipalities also started to monitor price of salt at various markets in the upazilas.

The district and the upazila administrators through microphones asked the people not to belive in rumour informing that there was a huge stock of salt. The mobile market monitoring team held 44 persons including 17 persons from Bogura sadar thana for charging high price of salt and for listening to the rumour and realised Taka 200,000 fine from them.

SM Bodiuzzaman, Officer-in-charge of Bogura sadar thana informed, being directed by the Superintendent of Police, law enforcement members were in action in the field. Foyez Ahmed, Deputy Commissioner of Bogura informed, there was no shortage of salt in the district. He called upon every one to keep the prices of essential commodities under control.

The rumour of short supply of salt was spread in Bogura and other places of the country on Tuesday night. Sree Simanta Kumar, Sales Representative of ACI Salt company informed, the rumnour of shortage of salt supply was completely false and baseless. The price of salt has not been increased anywhere in the country, he mentioned.