3D animated short film portrays ‘Hasina: The Untold Story’

Published : 24 Feb 2024 08:23 PM | Updated : 24 Feb 2024 08:23 PM

"Hasina: The Untold Story," a brand-new 3D animated film that is based on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's life and travels, is presently in production. This inspiring project, which is being directed by Ratul Biswas, attempts to tell Hasina's incredible story from the chaotic Liberation War era to her optimistic vision for Bangladesh in 2041.

The ICT Division is providing support to the talented team at Null Station studio as they bring the film to life. The project has received support from State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak of Posts, Telecommunications, and Information Technology, who has endorsed its blueprint and promised the ICT department's assistance to ensure a smooth production process.

"Hasina: The Untold Story" seeks to explore Sheikh Hasina's tenacity and resolve in the wake of her family's horrific 1975 assassination. She overcame great grief and hardships to emerge as a ray of hope, tirelessly striving to advance her country's democracy and advance her own. The purpose of the movie is to highlight her steadfast dedication to Bangladesh's democratic comeback by shedding light on both well-known and lesser-known facets of her journey.

Director Ratul Biswas stresses the significance of telling Hasina's story truthfully and says he plans to confer with the Prime Minister directly to guarantee authenticity. The teaser for the movie, which shows us a bit of Hasina's journey back home, has already received a lot of praise for its eye-catching images.

Advanced AI integration will be used in the production process, similar to methods used in Hollywood, to maintain the highest standards of quality. The ultimate objective is to produce a project that is competitive worldwide and has the potential to compete for major honors like the Oscars.

"Hasina: The Untold Story" promises to give a thorough depiction of its story during its three-hour runtime. The movie will also have English, Hindi, and Bengali dubbing done in order to appeal to a variety of global audiences.

‘Hasina: The Untold Story’ seeks to explore Sheikh Hasina's tenacity and resolve in the wake of her family's horrific 1975 assassination

The film, which is co-directed by RTB Ruhan and has music composed by Salman Jaim, is slated for a 2025 theatrical release. Salman Jaim promises an engaging cinematic experience that honors Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's remarkable life.

Certainly! "Hasina: The Untold Story" appears to be a highly ambitious project that aims to shed light on the remarkable journey of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The use of advanced AI integration in the production process and the commitment to authenticity in storytelling are notable aspects that could set this film apart.

The decision to consult directly with Prime Minister Hasina herself demonstrates a dedication to accuracy and integrity in portraying her life and legacy. This approach could potentially provide valuable insights into her personal journey and the challenges she faced along the way.

Furthermore, the inclusion of multiple language options for dubbing reflects a thoughtful consideration for a diverse audience, both within Bangladesh and internationally. This strategy could enhance the film's accessibility and broaden its appeal to viewers from different cultural backgrounds.

Overall, "Hasina: The Untold Story" appears to be a promising project that has the potential to offer audiences an engaging and enlightening cinematic experience. It will be interesting to see how the final film is received upon its theatrical release in 2025.