187 sued over snatching EVMs in Kantakhali

Published : 29 Dec 2020 09:12 PM

A case has been filed with Katakhali Police station accusing 170 anonymous and mentioning names of 17 people in the incident of snatching of two Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and injuring four policemen during a clash in the municipality elections in Rajshahi’sKantakhali on Monday. 

Presiding Officer OvishekBasak filed the case as the plaintiff with Katakhali police station, informed Zillur Rahman, Officer-in-charge of Katakhali Police station. 

He said police was conducting raids to arrest attackers including Abdul Latif, Councillor candidate of the poll. The snatched EVM was recovered at night and the injured policemen have been admitted to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. 

According to eye-witness sources and police, about 6-00 PM on Monday the result of elections of Shyampurcentre was declared. In the result, councillor candidate Abdul Majid was declared winner by bagging 25 more votes than the defeated Councillor candidate Abdul Latif.

Soon after the declaration of the result, supporters of Abdul Latif armed with batons entered into the polling centre and snatched away two EV machines. During this time, clash erupted between the supporters of the winning candidate Majid and the defeated candidate Latif. Supporters of Latif also ransacked several motor-bikes and damaged a Pickup van of police. Later police recovered the EVMs.