12,649 tonnes Aush production target in Jamalpur

Published : 23 Mar 2023 08:51 PM

Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) has fixed a target to produce 12,649 tonnes of Aush rice from 4,590 hectares of land this Kharip-1 season in Jamalpur district.

 According to the DAE office, farmers will cultivate High Yielding Variety on 4,500 hectares of land with a production target 12,465 tonnes of Aush rice, local variety on 60 hectares with a production target of 99 tonnes and Hybrid variety on 30 hectares with a production target of 85 tonnes rice.

 Farmers will cultivate Aush on 1,040 hectares of land in Dewanganj upazila, 1010 hectares in Islampur, 790 hectares in Melandah, 750 hectares in Jamalpur Sadar, 680 hectares in Bakshiganj, 190 hectares in Madarganj and 130 hectares of land in Sarishabari upazila.

 Deputy Director, Seed Marketing, Md Badar Uddin Bhuyan said Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation will sell 40.5 tonnes quality Aush seed among the farmers through its registered dealers.

 Of the seeds, 6.5 tonnes BRRI-48 variety, 33 tonnes BRRI-98, one tonnes BRRI-82 and one tonne BINA-21 variety, he said.

 Additional Deputy Director of DAE Muhammad Harun-Or-Rashid said about 8000 small and marginal farmers in all the seven upazilas of the district got incentive to increase Aush paddy production.

 Each of the farmers got five kilogram Aush paddy seed, ten kilogram DAP fertilizer and ten kilogram MOP fertilizer free of cost for cultivation of one bigha of land.

 Farmers will prepare seed beds for the cultivation from next week, he added.